Virtual parking permits become a reality for Mosman*

Smarter City Solutions recently embarked on an exciting project with Mosman Council New South Wales, to provide an enhanced experience to its residents for purchasing and managing Residential Parking Permits online.

Council made the bold move to lead the way to the forefront of parking permit technology to allow for easier management and the smart use of self-service processes.  

The program included a number of steps through which the solution was initiated, refined and built. Preliminary meetings with the Council’s stakeholders and key decision makers were carried out to confirm the high-level requirements.

In addition, Smarter City Solutions worked with Civica Authority (Mosman’s enterprise software platform) to enable real-time API integration to ensure address verification was a breeze when residents accessed them online.

This was important as the council had a broad resident demographic requiring a solution that catered for users at both ends of the technology capability scale.

The solution was delivered on time and budget producing one of the world’s first, fully integrated and automated permit process, whereby residents can apply, pay and activate their permit in a matter of minutes using real-time eligibility validation.

Where additional information is required there is still no need for residents to travel to council to complete.

The interface integrates with the existing Mosman website to provide a seamless 24/7 experience.

With the success of the Residential Parking Scheme, the shift towards expanding the platform for Foreshore Parking Permits has begun which will see many thousands of permits applied for and processed online with more complex business logic and a wider variety of permit holders.

So what have been the benefits for the Council?

There is less walk in traffic for the customer service team, who can now concentrate on other important issues.  

Council no longer has to print and distribute physical permits, which, apart from adding to their green credentials, has allowed them to manage where, and when permits are active.

The solution also allows for expiry reminders to be automatically sent and offers better communication with permit holders.

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*Copy supplied by Smart City Solutions