Unsealed roads: hidden asset revealed*

Imagine if: 

  • less imported material was required to maintain existing standards of unsealed roads
  • your roads became less susceptible to water damage in wet conditions
  • you could use material recovered from table drains and road verges in the rehab of your roads
  • you could mix in available clays and materials regarded as unsuitable, with no risk of roads going soft in wet conditions
  • you reduced dust generated and provided a better running surface for vehicles
  • maintenance grading was reduced by 4 to 6 times on average, reducing machine and man hours required per km per year
  • you saved on water required to keep roads up to service levels required
  • you achieved an occupational health and safety as well as environment compliant method that was simple and easy to work with
  • you used in house equipment, grader, roller and watercart with your existing crew
  • we provided on-site guidance and training by experienced operators
  • you could use an Australian product made and designed for Australian conditions and
  • this product had been used and proven all over Australia for the last sixteen years in many different material types.

Stop imagining and see this reality in action on your roads.

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*Copy supplied by Earthco