Towing safety – more than meets the eye*

Fleet operators are subject to a variety of mandatory on-road safety and legal obligations imposed by today’s regulators.

As one of Australia’s leading providers of heavy duty truck and trailer integrated towing solutions, Bartlett Equipment, is geared to ensure fleet operators meet these obligations.

Managing Director, Allan Bartlett said selecting and fitting the correct towing system for use in local government fleets is no more or less important than having the right truck and trailer combination.

“All are subject to the same safety, performance efficiencies and compliance requirements.

“Get it wrong and the consequences can be very costly.”

So what makes the Bartlett experience better?

Allan said it is the holistic approach that the long-standing family business offers.

“To begin we provide an all-encompassing range of proven towbars and safety chain systems.

“This is supported with Bartlett’s popular coupling types that come together to give local governments the convenience of choice and the versatility to select a well-structured towing system that best suits their operational needs.

“Each of our heavy-duty towbar models is engineered and manufactured to deliver the lowest whole-of-life operating cost and the highest reliability factors.

“All are modular and robust in design for the best weight-to-strength ratio.

“Each system is fully compliant with Chain of Responsibility (CoR) and ADR 62 regulations.”

According to Allan, when you add up the full mix of Bartlett services on offer, there is no other Australian truck and trailer towing specialist that delivers complete peace-of-mind.

“When requested, we design tailored towbars for specialised towing needs.

“We offer technical data to accurately interpret equipment ratings and vehicle towing limitations.

“We provide traceable serial numbered assemblies matched to VINs and supply validated technical advice for creating solutions.

“We even arrange the delivery of the rating plate. It’s a comprehensive and seamless service that’s time and cost efficient, professional and fully accountable.”

Allan concludes, “Bartlett has been looking after local council needs for over 70 years, delivering fully accredited, reputable and personalised assistance.

“Our fully integrated towing systems can be supplied, along with any product information and service support, to any reputable body builder in Australia.”

*Copy supplied by Bartlett Equipment