Road upgrade from recycled tyres

Article image - Road upgrade from recycled tyres Atkinsons Dam Road’s new recycled tyre surface.

Somerset Regional Council, Queensland, has completed a $700,000 roads upgrade using recycled crumbed rubber from waste tyres.

Mayor, Graeme Lehmann, said, “We need to keep our local road network in the best possible shape and often this means resealing bitumen roads to ensure that running surfaces are kept smooth and to protect the pavement.

“Our asset management systems were showing some problem signs for Atkinsons Dam Road and Rocky Gully Road and we decided to reseal with two bitumen coats to make sure that these roads stay in good condition for the next ten years.”

An estimated 400 cars and 100 trucks use Atkinsons Dam Road each day.

“We also decided to use a new product which is recycled crumbed rubber on the roads which is made from waste tyres.

“The rubber helps bind the new bitumen together better as well as benefitting the environment.”