Rainbow crossing returns with pride

Article image - Rainbow crossing returns with pride The rainbow crossing links Sydney to a worldwide network of inclusive cities.

An iconic rainbow crossing was painted across the roadway in Taylor Square in the heart of Sydney’s LGBTIQ district in February.

The pedestrian and cycle crossing is the first in the world to be both the shape and colours of a rainbow, as it curves around the intersection of Bourke and Campbell streets.

It has become a top selfie spot for Sydney residents and visitors with more than 700 posts on Instagram.

The beautiful crossing as a symbol of pride in the city’s diversity, Sydney joins other cities around the world, including Hollywood, San Francisco, Paris and most recently Wellington, New Zealand.

The City worked with Sydney Civil and State Government departments to bring the rainbow crossing to life.

`New traffic signals give priority to people making the 10,000 walking and cycling trips through the intersection every week.
The green light for vehicles is now on-demand, triggered by sensors when vehicles approach the intersection.

The rainbow crossing is at pavement level, so people walking, cycling, pushing prams or handling wheelchairs don’t have to step down on to the road to cross.

The rainbow paint and traffic lights have been installed on an initial six-month trial basis and will be subject to an independent safety review.