Public art on the increase

Article image - Public art on  the increase Last year’s grant recipients Indigenous artists Linda Burchill, Sheryl Burchill, Delissa Walker and Daphne Naden created the Port Douglas and Mossman banners.

The rise of successful public art projects in Douglas Shire, Queensland, has led to a greater focus on encouraging more community-boosting creativity in the region.

Douglas Shire Council has made changes to the Arts General Policy to recognise and further entice public artwork.

The changes come after several successful public art projects featuring Indigenous artists, such as Binna’s ‘bush-food’ sculpture on Johnston Rd, the banners in Mossman and Port Douglas and the night-time projections during Carnivale 2018.

Mayor, Julia Leu, said these types of projects had the ability to enrich the lives of locals and improve visitor experiences.

“This policy change proves Council is leading by example to encourage more public art to pop up across the shire.

“The revised policy ensures consistency in the development, planning, acquisition, maintenance, deaccessioning and integration of public art in Douglas Shire.”

The Regional Arts Development Fund is a partnership between state and local governments which invests in quality arts and cultural experiences across Queensland based on locally determined priorities.