Landscape Irrigation conference and exhibition*

The Landscape Irrigation Conference, Gold Coast Convention Centre, 18-20 June 2019.

This event will bring together the entire urban irrigation sector to learn from each other and industry experts about best irrigation practice and to see the latest water efficient products on display.

Richard Dilena, Irrigation Management Officer, City Of Greater Geelong

  • Will pick up the theme of providing functional green assets in the community taking a look at an example of a recent irrigation project in a typical small community park. The project was designed to use captured and stored rainwater off the roof of buildings, supplemented by a potable water supply, for the irrigation. What was the planning process? What was the outcome? What was the reality?

Kevin Page, Executive Coordinator Integrated Water and Waste Planning, City of Gold Coast

  • Recycled Water Network Expansion Project: this project targets the city’s greenspace (parks, schools and sporting fields) for irrigation with high quality recycled water, reducing costs and improving sustainability.

Dr Paul Lamble, Principal, Peak Water Consulting

  • This case study compares the performance, lifetime costs of ownership and qualitative playing surface outcomes, for both design and construct, of professionally designed irrigation systems based on key performance indicators. It also addresses the key advantages and disadvantages of both to determine the optimal approach for sports field irrigation systems.

Jack Rea, Sunshine Coast Council, Parks Community Sports Field Officer

  • Implementation of a centralised control system and smart irrigation project. Taking 5 years, costing several million dollars, it involved a huge amount of work on capturing asset data, condition rating, irrigation mapping, trialling CCS systems and how we have managed this process.

Rain Bird Australia

  • Explores the cost savings and maximising profits of installing a Rain Bird LXME controller with IQ3 central control at a Sydney Based Turf Farm.

Mark Siebentritt, Director, Seed Consulting

  • The role of irrigated green cover to mitigate urban heat islands. A case study on the cooling benefits of irrigated green space, especially living turf, and how this should inform future decisions about how we cool, and grow, our cities.

Rex Sullings, Principal, Aqueduct Consultancy
Landscape and sports turf irrigation design efficiency.

*Copy supplied by Irrigation Australia