Foamstream pure weed control*

A safe and effective alternative solution helps local authorities reduce their reliance on herbicides.

In light of the adverse attention glyphosate has received across the globe and the potential hazard it poses for human health, there has been an increased focus on the need to develop an alternative to chemical weed control.

Foamstream is the leading herbicide-free solution for maintaining outdoor spaces used by local authorities, green space companies, contractors and utility companies across the world including in Auckland, the City of Toronto, along the Californian coastline, Central Park in New York City and at Buckingham Palace in London.

It is a patented process that combines hot water and a biodegradable foam made from natural plant oils and sugars.

The product works by insulating the heat delivered in the hot water and maintaining its temperature on the unwanted vegetation for an extended period of time.

This means Foamstream treats unwanted vegetation with fewer treatment cycles compared to any other thermal method.

The foam blanket allows the heat to penetrate the plants waxy outer leaf layer, travel down the stem and into the root – killing or sufficiently damaging the plant causing it to die back.

Foamstream is safe for unrestricted use around people, animals, and delicate environments including waterways and as a result has been readily adopted for use in parks and playgrounds.

Its multi-functionality means Foamstream can be used beyond the weeding season for cleaning tasks such as power washing, gum removal and sanitisation.

Foamstream has become a popular choice for local authorities as it helps alleviate the costs associated with downtime due to its ability to be used in all weather.

Its all-surface, year-round utilisation means that the capital cost can be shared across departments to ensure organisations gain the most out of their machines.

Foamstream has enabled organisations to make the move easily and simply away from herbicides and provides an alternative which is a positive publicity tool with which to engage their residents.

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*Copy supplied by Herbicide-Free Australia