Container refund scheme declared a success

Article image - Container refund scheme declared a success Maranoa Council’s Angie-Lee Hockaday and Kay Crosby sorting through containers at the Roma Waste Facility.

Last month’s grand opening of the Container Refund Scheme was a great success for local residents, Maranoa Regional Council ‘Queensland’ and the environment.

The Maranoa Drop-off points received an impressive 73,710 containers in the first week of operation and all participating residents should have their payment from Container Exchange.

Portfolio Chair for Waste, Councillor Geoff McMullen, said this scheme was an essential tool to help improve recycling within the community.

“The scheme allows Maranoa residents a 10 cent refund per eligible container returned to a container drop-off point.

“Across the state, the Container Refund Scheme has collected over 259,550,876 containers to help clean up Queensland since starting in November 2018.

“Council is looking forward to the Maranoa community further contributing to this number in the future.”