Choosing the right barbecue for your public space*

On a Saturday or Sunday afternoon our local parks and public facilities are full of families and friends enjoying their weekends together.

Many people bring along lunch to cook on the park barbecues – indeed, a public barbecue has become an expected facility at most larger public areas.

But how can you choose the best barbecue for your space?
With so many options on the market, it can be a difficult choice.

The first decision is whether to run an electric or gas unit.
If electric, most barbecues require a minimum 15Amps so it is important to check that there is ample power available to run the barbecue.

If there is not enough power, there are barbecues available that run 10Amps – such as the Green Queen by Melbourne BBQ Centre. The down side to these lower amp units is increased cook time, so less people can use the barbecue per hour.

If power supply is limited, and natural gas in unavailable, a barbecue running off a standard 9kg gas bottle is always a good option.

The next decision is whether to buy the barbecue as an inbuilt or in a prefabricated cabinet.

Building your own cabinet can be a great way to get a unique structure, but a pre-made cabinet is generally the easiest and most cost-effective option. Melbourne BBQ Centre can custom build to your required size and can powdercoat the cabinet in most colours to suit existing colour schemes.

Stainless steel cabinets are also available, and are ideal if the park is near the beach.

For more information and advice on selecting the right barbecue, visit or call (03) 9873-1444.

*Copy supplied by BBQs-R-US