Waste management provides opportunity

The Queensland Government has released the Draft Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy for public comment.

The document outlines the strategic priorities and targets for waste management in Queensland with the aim of becoming a Zero waste to landfill State by 2050.

Hinchinbrook Shire mayor, Ramon Jayo, said, “The Strategy will compel all Queenslanders to change the way we treat our waste products and how we manage these products to turn them into commodities.”

“A 2009 Access Economics report indicates that every 10,000 tonnes of waste disposed into landfill supports 2.8 full time jobs, whereas if the same 10,000 tonnes of waste were recycled, 9.2 jobs would be supported.

“This is an economic development opportunity and one which Hinchinbrook is well positioned to take advantage of.”

Councillor, Andrew Lancini, said, “To achieve Zero waste going to landfill we all need to be leaders in the community to recycle right, drive understanding of waste as a commodity (rather than an end product) and create opportunities for our local economy to grow as a result.”

The Strategy can be reviewed on the Queensland Government website, Queensland's New Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy.