Trial treatments for laneways

Article image - Trial treatments for laneways

City of Palmerston, Northern Territory, is trialling treatments in 11 laneways across three Palmerston suburbs to discourage anti-social behaviour. 

Spatial mapping was used to identify the laneways most suitable for the trial, based on a combination of lighting assessments, police reports, resident feedback and site inspections. 

Two treatment options will be trialled.

Installing smart LED lighting to effectively illuminate the laneway for increased passive surveillance to discourage vandalism and anti-social behaviour. Lighting levels and hours of lighting will also be trialled. 

The second option being trialled is the temporarily closure of laneways (the hours of closure to be determined by a technical assessment and informed by the results of the public consultation). 

Mayor, Athina Pascoe-Bell, said, “While Council acknowledges there have been issues with anti-social behaviour occurring in some laneways in Palmerston, these laneways are also important for providing access and connectivity in our community.”

Council anticipates treatments will be in place and effective by April 2019. 

A second round of community consultation will occur two months later to determine the effectiveness of the treatment measures.