Tailored program tops for trees

An automated workflow developed by the City of Gosnells, Western Australia, has created a seamless flow for tree inspections and work requests, leading to healthier and safer trees across the City.

Prior to the project by Business Services officers, Tree Services staff relied on a combination of spreadsheets saved to individual computers, and manual, paper-based reporting, record keeping and asset data collection.

Gosnells Mayor, Glenn Dewhurst, said, “The system used by Tree Services for their inspections, reports and valuations was outdated and no longer worked for our fast-growing City.

“It caused the City to rely too much on customer requests for tree pruning and other maintenance, rather than a program of scheduled inspections, and left a window open for miscommunication and other errors.”

Developed over eight months, the new paper-free system allowed Tree Services staff to photograph, record and register inspections and tree amenity valuations on site using tablets.

Notifications, invoices and work requests are now automatically generated and sent to relevant staff members and contractors, while reports and correspondence with residents are automatically registered in the City’s record keeping system.

“By creating a workflow tailored to our needs, rather than purchasing an off-the-shelf program, the City was able to integrate its existing Property and Rating, customer services and record-keeping systems.

“Inspections are now automated, customer responses are now more timely, tree inspection data is readily available for analysis, everyone can access inspection information whenever they need it, and the risk of miscommunication and missed tree inspections has been greatly reduced. 

“What’s more, it’s proven to be very popular with staff in Tree Services, Customer Services and Information Management Systems.”