Smart Darwin launched

Article image - Smart Darwin launched The #SmartDarwin upgrade has begun with smart lights improving the safety and amenity of Bicentennial Park.

City of Darwin’s Smart City Strategy #SmartDarwin was launched 5 February at the Darwin Innovation Hub.

#SmartDarwin is a blueprint that will guide City of Darwin to become a digitally innovative council, ensuring the city is digital and data-enabled.

Lord Mayor, Kon Vatskalis, said, “This strategy will underpin our policy and technical infrastructure now and into the future as we collaborate with the community, business and all levels of government to achieve our smart city vision.

“One of the first #SmartDarwin initiatives is the Switching on Darwin project which is being delivered in partnership with the Northern Territory and Australian Governments. 

“This project will create efficiencies in our service delivery and provide data provision and analysis through the deployment of smart technology solutions.

“A key element of the program will include the installation of smart lighting and environmental sensors. 

“Future projects under the #SmartDarwin strategy include the implementation of sensors to better manage waste and advanced CCTV analytics.

“We are excited about the possibilities this projects will bring for City of Darwin.

“By digitising our services we will be better positioned to be able to benefit from new technologies.

Telstra has been appointed to deliver a suite of smart technologies in the city centre such as LED smart lighting, smart parking, WiFi, CCTV and video analytics, commencing with the installation of smart sensor enabled LED lighting in Bicentennial Park.

The pathway lighting in Bicentennial Park will be upgraded with new light poles, LED smart lights and controllers to enhance safety and amenity, reduce energy consumption and provide dynamic lighting.

The Switching on Darwin project was the largest grant funded under the Australian Government’s Smart Cities and Suburbs Program receiving $5 million, with the Northern Territory Government contributing $2.5 million and City of Darwin investing $2.5 million.