Prepare your fleet for the future*

Why is good fleet management important? 

Firstly, fleets are valuable assets in their own right, and the cost of holding and operating a fleet can account for a significant part of an organisation’s budget.

Secondly, the fleet can have a direct impact on operational effectiveness and service delivery. A fleet that is fit-for-purpose, safe and reliable supports effective operations and the delivery of corporate goals. 

Fleets that are not suited to the task or are not well-maintained carry risks through potential injury to workers and others, lost productivity and higher whole-of-life costs. 

Finally, there are specific legislative obligations on the operators of fleets such as Chain of Responsibility (COR). Breaches can lead to significant penalties for even senior management – including the possibility of jail time – and reputational damage for the organisation.

The challenge for fleet managers is that while technology and regulatory compliance is increasing, making fleet management more complicated and time consuming, there are continual budget pressures and the need to do more with less. 

To achieve this, fleet managers need to be equipped with the knowledge skills and resources to meet these challenges. 

This is IPWEA FLEET’s mission – to provide training, resources and networks that help fleet managers meet day to day challenges and prepare for the future.

With this in mind, IPWEA will be holding its annual Australasian Fleet Conference in Brisbane, 25-27 March 2019. 

The focus for the conference is strategy, resources and performance. 

Delegates will hear from a host of eminent speakers that are experts in their field. 

IPWEA have secured two international speakers who will provide an insight into fleet management in the US and the Philippines. 

The US perspective will be delivered by Tom Johnson author of the 7 Qualities of the 100 Best Fleets. 

Tom has been a champion for fleet managers in North America for 20 years. In this presentation he will focus on developing skills and strategies for sustained excellence in fleet management. 

The Philippines’ perspective will be presented by Noel Ilao, Director Department of Public Works and Highways, Philippines. 

This session will present fleet management from the perspective of a complex fleet and a focus on reliability centred maintenance.

In addition, speakers will cover a broad range of relevant topics from risk management and COR compliance to staff training, competency and technological development. 

The conference includes an expo and various networking functions and wraps up with a field trip visiting Komatsu and Volvo Trucks.

The IPWEA Australasian Fleet Conference is organised by the fleet industry, for the fleet industry. 

The conference is a great value-for-money, practical way to help fleet practitioners get the most out of their fleets. Visit now. 

*Copy supplied by IPWEA