MAGIQ Documents Version 8.6 Released*

Article image - MAGIQ Documents Version 8.6 Released*

MAGIQ Software has announced a major new release of its MAGIQ Documents Suite of electronic document and records management software.

MAGIQ Documents is a suite of easy to use, contemporary software designed to help local authorities easily manage their documents and records within a single centralised environment. The software is used by more than 80 councils across Australia and New Zealand.

MAGIQ Documents Version 8.6 includes a significant range of new usability, functionality and system improvements including:

  • a contemporary new user interface focused on ease of use and simplicity, providing a consistent and enjoyable experience
  • improved search capabilities providing fast and efficient access to all content
  • the innovative new MAGIQ Office application providing high quality viewing and editing of Microsoft Office documents natively from within MAGIQ Documents
  • improvements to the Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook Connectors enabling documents and emails to be administered and stored directly into MAGIQ Documents from within the familiar Microsoft user interface
  • a new Apple Mail Connector enabling emails to be administered and stored directly into MAGIQ Documents natively from within the Apple Mail user interface
  • improved collaboration capabilities allowing tasks to be easily assigned to another staff member and
  • new single sign-on capabilities to provide a streamlined user experience.

“Version 8.6 is another exciting stage in the evolution of the MAGIQ Documents Suite. 

Chief Executive Officer MAGIQ Software, Colin Lillywhite, said, “A very easy to use environment for people to efficiently manage documents is increasingly important as organisational content rapidly expands.

“We continue to focus our development efforts on simplicity and ease of use to deliver an enjoyable user experience, which is key to document management take-up across the organisation.

“Version 8.6 significantly extends the rich, functional capabilities of the MAGIQ Documents product suite and is an excellent achievement for our team who have worked very hard to deliver the release.”

More than 500 organisations across Australia and New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom, South Africa and Southeast Asia are using the MAGIQ Platform to meet their finance and administration requirements.

*Copy supplied by Magiq