Junior Landcare Warriors

Article image - Junior Landcare Warriors Mayor Bob Pynsent, Council’s Biosecurity Weeds Team, Barry Shepherd and Maria Edmonds and the Junior Landcare Warriors.

Cessnock City Council, New South Wales, is a proud supporter of the ‘Junior Landcare Warriors’, 12 Kurri Kurri Scouts who have taken on a rehabilitation project in one of the local parks.

The group contacted Council to find out how they could assist. Council was keen to provide them with a project and space to learn about natural vegetation and habitat, offering up ‘The Mound’ within Log of Knowledge Park, Kurri Kurri.

The Scouts attended their first meeting at the park in early February. Council’s Biosecurity Weeds Team, Barry Shepherd and Maria Edmonds as well as Stacy Mail from Landcare took the Warriors on a walk and talk educating them about the site and what they could achieve.

Cessnock City Mayor, Councillor Bob Pynsent also attended the first meeting and encouraged the Scouts as they embarked on the journey.

“It’s great to see young people who are enthusiastic about their local environment and I look forward to following the Warriors as they carry out this project.” 

Council’s Weeds Team were keen to see the group tackle a few of the parks environmental weeds including Asparagus Fern, Bridal Creeper, Lantana, African Olive, Tecoma, Camphor Laurel, Pittosporum undulatum, and a number of other garden escapees. 

Council’s Parks Team helped remove illegally dumped rubbish and garden waste, while the Weeds Team provided resources, information, practical skills and knowledge.

The Warriors will follow up the weeding with replanting in early Autumn or Winter, placing specially built nest boxes within the area to encourage native fauna back.

The message from Council’s Weeds Team is clear, you’re never too young to learn how to care for our environment and become a weed warrior.