Innovations in information technology

Article image - Innovations in information technology Shire of Mundaring Information Technology Team.

For information communication technology (ICT) services at Shire of Mundaring, Western Australia, innovation, creation and resilience are the order of the day.

This dynamic team enthusiastically embraces the ever-changing landscape of ICT and, more-importantly, exceeds the expectations of staff and community.

In house software development has been a unique service provided by the team for many years, with mature business solutions built fit-for-purpose and fit-for-use.

Manager Information Technology, Melanie Ponnan, emphasises that ICT is people-centred, never about the technology. 

Ponnan says success lies in having a sense of awareness, understanding the nuances of how people work and gauging where they are with technology and their personal workspace. 

She adds focusing on testing and training while bringing people along on the journey means there are no surprises, and new applications slip in with ease and acceptance.   

The range of in-house business systems includes asset management, application processing for Planning, Building and Health services, inspections of firebreaks and pools, a customer request system and a comprehensive geographic information system. 

Online applications and forms have facilitated customer services and increased process efficiencies. 

The Shire’s three public websites and extensive intranet are also fully developed and maintained internally.

A Corporate Planning System (CPS) has also been built using project management principles that converge the Strategic Community Plan with various business plans to deliver the many business cases put forward by the community. 

CPS has enhanced council workshops and the budgeting process, with sound business intelligence and reporting providing clarity, integrity and visibility on the competing demands the shire faces. 

Adding the Performance Development System that integrates with CPS brings the individual employee into the corporate, big picture. 

This line of sight from staff to strategy cements the purpose and position each member has; it is powerful. 

With a Shire mobile app underway, there is no stopping Ponnan and her team.