Finding fun the simple way*

Article image - Finding fun the simple way*

Photo and video search makes finding free council activities easy. is a new platform free for councils and businesses across Australia to better assist their promotion of parks, playgrounds, natural attractions, events and free council activities.

Chief Executive Officer of FunSearch, Chris Gillard, said the difference with FunSearch against standard directory sites or websites is the technology behind it. It is entirely new, unique and bespoke for the Australian Visitor Economy, Leisure and recreation sectors, and can be thought of as a mixture of Google, Instagram and Tripadvisor, built for Australia.

“FunSearch is entirely different to other tech because it’s a ‘location aware’ photo and video search engine that allows users to visually search for fun of all kinds in any location across Australia.  

“The website asks for your location and then returns ‘near me’ visual results for users. 

“Users can also type any location name into the Location Search field and see results from any place in Australia.”

Gillard said for councils or business this means FunSearch makes finding fun easier for both locals and those traveling into or thinking about going to the council region. It’s just a matter of starting a profile and adding photos and videos of local fun. 

“It is often a major frustration of travellers that they need to jump from site to site to get this kind of local information. Finding and then navigating a new website for each new region is not a job that people relish. 

“FunSearch allows every council to put their fun in the same spot, nation wide and this makes it easy to find - even for kids, for whom visual search is a much better and simpler search method.” 

The FunSearch system offers a limited number of paid search positions (much like a visual form of Google adwords) to assist promotion of any council, business or event.

As a destination marketing company FunSearch also offers services including film and photography production to help promote entire destinations or an individual business.

Any council or Visitor Information Centre can begin a free FunSearch profile and upload photos and videos (with small related descriptions) of any council initiative such as school holidays programs, free council activities and local natural attractions. 

Users of FunSearch can then find any type of fun and connect directly with Council via direct message, phone or email with any questions. 

Interested councils can contact or go to for contact details.

*Copy supplied by FunSearch