Childcare shortage addressed

Town of Port Hedland, Western Australia, has endorsed action to tackle growing concerns regarding increasing childcare shortages in the shire.

Council has investigated a number of options to assist in reducing current wait lists, varying in cost and comprehensiveness, including the exemption of family day care businesses from obtaining home business planning approval.

Mayor, Camilo Blanco, said Council was listening to the voices of families expressing the need for more places.

“With Council’s endorsement, Town Officers can now move forward in deciding the best option to provide more child care places in Hedland.

“The shortage of child care effects people’s ability to work, balance careers and may be the reason people leave town.

“As of 2018, there were already 373 waitlisted places across Hedland’s existing facilities.

“Although not traditionally the role of local government, we have a responsibility to build a community which is accommodating and liveable for families with working parents or guardians.

“The report details the cost of making buildings fit for purpose and how many places these could accommodate.

“I look forward to working with Elected Members and community stakeholders on how best to action this report and deliver more child care places.”