Big savings and great efficiency*

Article image - Big savings and  great efficiency*

A new local government innovation is bringing impressive cost savings to the sector and dramatically improving information technology services. 

Each year councils around Australia are unnecessarily spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on computer software and hardware – money that could be spent on providing vital services for their communities.

Now there is a low-cost, fully cloud-based total software solution for local government to compete directly against other high-cost software suppliers, as well as cutting out the need for expensive servers and other hardware. 

CouncilWise is a fast, secure and effective local government management platform developed by expert staff at Tasmania’s Brighton Council, in partnership with tech giant Microsoft. Cloud-based, it comprises a complete range of features to make running a local government authority effortless and affordable.

Brighton Council’s General Manager and CouncilWise CEO, Ron Sanderson, said councils in a number of states had already taken up the CouncilWise solution and interest was growing around Australia and beyond.

“Many are now changing from expensive software offered by the big suppliers.

“They are also using our PropertyWise management tool and cloud-based Xero finance platform that we have also adopted and are marketing.

“Local governments are constantly juggling growing social responsibilities, infrastructure requirements and rising costs and at the same time, ensuring that the cost of service delivery for ratepayers is kept as low as possible. 

“Essentially, councils increasingly are being forced to do more with less. From a business systems perspective, this means taking a good hard look at legacy systems and making changes.

“This is where the CouncilWise management solution for local government has a big advantage as it provides the opportunity for councils to achieve massive savings on their IT systems.

“It is highly affordable, cloud-based, easy to use and is leading edge.” 

*Copy supplied by CouncilWise