Walking on glass

Article image - Walking on glass City of Fremantle demonstrates its commitment to sustainability by using recycled glass asphalt.

City of Fremantle, Western Australia, has resurfaced the car park at the North Fremantle Post Office using recycled glass.

Infrastructure Engineering Manager, David Janssens, said while recycled glass asphalt had been used on roads in the United States and Canada for many years, it’s not widely used in Australia.

“Extensive testing was undertaken by our supplier to ensure the material complied with our requirements and the glass would not come loose when cars drove over it.

“We also had to make sure the glass being used had no sharp edges so it was safe for people to walk on and wouldn’t damage car tyres.

“Once we get an idea of how it performs in North Fremantle we’ll consider using recycled glass in other road projects, and our suppliers are exploring the possibility of using recycled plastic and rubber in asphalt as well.

“Most of the bottles and jars we collect are exported because there’s not a lot of demand for recycled glass in Australia at present.

“Using recycled glass in asphalt for our roads and car parks could help to create an important local market.

“And because the glass asphalt is made at a much lower temperature it also means using a lot less energy and producing less greenhouse emissions.”

As well as using recycled glass asphalt, the City of Fremantle used recycled road base on the North Fremantle car park.

The City’s Parks and Landscapes team will also beautify the area using waterwise plants.