Self drive trail follows military history

Article image - Self drive trail follows military history Local history of the war years explored in self drive trail guide.

A new heritage drive trail which honours the long association Geraldton has had with the military has been produced which explores places and stories associated with war in the City of Greater Geraldton.

The War Years Drive Trail booklet, which is now available, takes readers on a journey through Geraldton to a number of different sites and places of significance.

Geraldton’s involvement with the military and war began as early as 1629 when a group of soldiers, led by Private Wiebbe Hayes, rose against the mutineers of the shipwrecked Batavia.

The self drive heritage trail takes approximately one-day to complete covering around 200km.

Locations include West End beaches, Olive Street Memorial, Marine Terrace, Geraldton Railway Station, Birdwood House, sites in Greenough, Mullewa and many more.

The War Years Drive trail booklet is available as a free download via the Geraldton Regional Library website and will also be available as a free app early in 2019.

Hardcopies of the trail booklets are available for purchase from the Geraldton Regional Library, Geraldton Visitor Centre and the Mullewa District Office.