Secure code for local jobs

 A Secure Local Jobs Code, implemented last month, has changed how the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government awards contracts for government funded work to better protect Canberra workers.

The Code highlights the expectation that businesses tendering for work meet the highest ethical and labour standards to ensure better outcomes for workers, businesses and organisations.

The commencement of the Code ensures that the Government’s purchasing power is used to reward businesses that do the right thing by treating employees fairly.

From today, businesses tendering for construction, cleaning, security or traffic management work will be required to hold a Secure Local Jobs Certificate and meet specific workplace standards on:

  • pay and employment conditions
  • insurance, tax and superannuation
  • health and safety, including training and inductions and
  • collective bargaining, freedom of association and representation rights.

To receive a Secure Local Jobs Code Certificate, businesses will need to apply through the Secure Local Jobs Code Registrar.

Minister for Government Services and Procurement, Rachel Stephen-Smith, said,  “The Secure Local Jobs Code aims to ensure the Government only awards contracts to businesses that meet the highest ethical and labour standards.

“The Code creates a transparent, well-governed process that ensures employers who do the right thing by their workers can compete for government work on a level playing field.”