New approach to recruitment finds the best

Article image - New approach to recruitment finds the best Predictive recruitment used to select the best talent.

Forbes Sire Council, New South Wales, has adopted a new approach to ensure they get the best possible applicant for every job.

Traditionally recruitment in a range of industries has been based on written application, an interview and a reference check.

According to research, this only predicts about 30 percent of on the job performance.

With an objective, psychometric focus to recruitment, Council has redesigned the interview process to be strongly behavioural and structured.

Manager of People and Strategy, Carly Jayet, said, “Often times, interviews test interview skills only and with the cost of a poor hire being 2.5 times the salary – we couldn’t afford not to overhaul the process at Council.”

The recruitment process now includes online cognitive ability tests as well as personality assessment (OPQ™), motivation assessment and a safety and dependability screener.

These are all administered online to reduce the bias and decreases resource load significantly.

Entry level and high risk senior roles have especially benefitted.

The former group often have very little work experience to draw from – and the psychometric packages have provided significant evidence-based insight into their learning agility and likely approach to safety and reliability.

Jayet, a registered psychologist, said, “This process allowed us to screen and shortlist from over 70 potential applicants for four trainee positions, and identify strengths and risks.

“On almost all occasions, the very best talent has arrived at interview and been hired.

“In 2018, we recruited a Ranger – this position is a safety and community perception risk, critical judgement points working with dangerous animals and interaction with ‘heated’ public over parking tickets etc.

“Candidates were required to go through ability screening, personality assessment to measure ‘fit to the role’, and undergo a work sample test.”

The scenarios are custom designed to replicate on-the-job problems and are time limited to put applicants under pressure while problem solving and making decisions.

Council is now able to predict up to 65 percent of on the job performance via an objective and consistent recruitment framework.

The candidates, whether successful or unsuccessful, are offered a de-brief on their application and assessments with tips on how to improve next time, or how to excel in the new job!