Children learn about local government

Article image - Children learn about local government Primary school students express their enthusiasm after Cr Grace’s visit to class.

When Councillor Anita Grace from Shire of East Pilbara, Western Australia, visited students in the 5-6 class at South Newman Primary school late last year to speak about local government, she was struck by their enthusiasm for their community and their interest in council.

“The Shire of East Pilbara wants our young people to know that we value them as members of our community and want to support them as they prepare to become future leaders here,” said Cr Grace.

“It was encouraging to hear that our young people care deeply about the future of their town.

“They were excited to learn that as they grow older, they are eligible to serve or represent their community in so many varied and interesting ways through the avenue of local government.

”As we prepare for another school year, we’d like all the students in Newman to be encouraged that the Shire of East Pilbara supports and cares for them.

“We would be pleased to answer questions they have about local government and welcome their correspondence at any time.”

Following Cr. Grace’s visit, the students penned letters of gratitude, sharing their hope and vision for the Newman’s future.

Some of the comments include:
“I learnt that we can talk to you any time we want!” - Nate

“I would like to see an indoor skate park because it gets hot” – Connor

“I found it interesting that you can call the Shire for potentially dangerous trees”– Aled

“I would like to see a KFC in Newman as we only have one fast food restaurant” – Zaiyaan

“I leant that the Shire really cares about Newman” –

“I would like to see a lazzer (sic) tag centre” – Nevaeh

“I found it interesting that only half the council is elected at once” – Olivia

“I would like to have a gymnastics stadium” – Mia

“I would like to have a water park in Newman because we live in the dezert (sic) – Jenna.