Youth vote

Article image - Youth vote YAC meeting give Tamar youth opportunities to engage with Council.

Tasmanian Local Government elections in October 2018 provided an opportunity for the West Tamar Council Youth Advisory Council (YAC) to give young people in the municipality a chance to have their say.

The YAC launched the #MyVote Campaign, asking young people aged 10-17 living in the West Tamar municipality: ‘What is a concern that successful candidates need to address in the West Tamar?’, ‘How can successful candidates represent young people effectively?’, and ‘How can successful candidates make the West Tamar a better place for young people to live in?’.

Surveys were distributed through West Tamar Youth Groups, local schools, and Council’s website and Facebook Pages.

One hundred and forty seven surveys were returned indicating that young people in the West Tamar have a strong opinion on what they would like to see Local Government achieve in its 2018-2022 term.

Road safety was a high priority for young people, also addressing the lack of bike paths, bike lanes and bike friendly facilities. 

Rubbish and waste in relation to litter and pollution were also important, as was better street lighting and footpaths and more facilities for older youth.

Young people want to see councillors building closer connections with youth -  visiting schools, attending sporting events and community activities and making a better effort to know the people in the West Tamar Community.

Members from YAC presented the survey findings, informing the new council what young people expect from them.

Councillors were pleased to be able to hear directly from the youth and have taken their suggestions on board for future consideration.

The West Tamar Council has committed to including young people in decisions which affect them and consult the Youth Advisory Council wherever possible.