West coast brand hits number 1

Article image - West coast brand hits number 1 West Coast Made Program will use the brand to attract tourists, businesses and investment.

The West Coast, Tasmania, is the talking point of the design world, with the West Coast Brand given the top spot in the BrandNew Annual Review Best of 2018.

The brand, a cooperative development involving the West Coast community and managed by West Coast Council, was developed by Sydney-based agency For The People.

West Coast Mayor, Phil Vickers, said, “We all know how special the West Coast is and the brand has captured that – in all its layers and complexities.

“Our aim with developing a new brand was to showcase our region to the world and being recognised in areas such as brand identity development is testament that the right team was selected for the job. 

“We are already reaching people we never were before.”

BrandNew reviews brand redesigns and new designs of notable projects – and is the place creative agencies go to for inspiration. 

Other brands to make the Best of 2018 list included Dunkin’ Donuts and MailChimp.

The West Coast Brand was officially launched in October and, as an open-source brand, continues to evolve and be embraced across the West Coast.

Economic Development and Tourism Coordinator, Christine Gray, said, “When engaging with the West Coast community during the brand development it became evident that not only was the community excited, there was an appetite for community organisations, individuals and businesses to use the brand style.”

A regional website to be launched soon, a dedicated social media channel (Instagram’s @westcoasttas) and the West Coast Made Program will build the brand further.