Towing equipment look beyond the steel*

Towing trailers behind heavy vehicles is a hazardous task directly covered by new Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws.

The new provisions of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) introduced October 1, 2018 focus attention on mass, loading, dimension, speed and driver fatigue. 

CoR casts responsibility onto all parties in the supply and operational chain to manage safe work practices.  

Towing system components such as towbars, trailer couplings, safety chain attachments, rating plates, installation and operational instructions, electrical systems and trailer air braking systems must all comply with relevant rules and regulations. 

Then there is the challenge of implementing and maintaining robust safe work systems to mitigate risk when towing.  

Based in Melbourne, Bartlett Integrated Towing Solutions has established a reputation for excellence as engineers, manufacturers and suppliers to the Australian transport and logistics industry for over 70 years. 

Bartlett supply a complete range of ADR compliant, heavy-duty Towbars for Trucks designed to suit all common trailer coupling and truck types.

Every Bartlett towbar includes a suite of customised rating assessment documents that graphically chart critical operating limits such as Truck Mass, Static Vertical Coupling load, Gross Trailer Mass and Aggregate Trailer Mass.  This includes the limits on 50mm ball trailer couplings when used behind heavy vehicles. 

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) publishes Vehicle Standards Guide VSG16, that explains the reasons for these limits. 

Bartlett interprets the theory precisely for each towing vehicle. 

Fleet managers and vehicle operators can quickly and safely review the Bartlett Data graphs as they plan their loads day in day out – giving them real understanding and real control.

Managing Director, Mr Allan Bartlett, said, “The Bartlett Towbar rating assessment is a world leading initiative designed to provide ongoing support to fleet managers and vehicle operators.  

“It helps fleets take control of the towing task from both a productivity and legal perspective.  

“Whether it be our equipment or documentation they are designed to provide fleets with an intuitive, compliant and consistent operator interface.  

“Fleets can only benefit from greater knowledge and uniformity”  

Now is the time to improve awareness and develop management systems to ensure safe work systems that fit in with the HVNL CoR provisions.

Contact Bartlett directly for a free sample rating assessment pack by sending your email request to ratingplate[@] or go to the Bartlett website ( to learn more about our products, rating plates and more. 

*Copy supplied by Bartlett