Innovative road maintenance*

Unsealed road maintenance budget can be reduced significantly with Australian made innovation. 

Wastage and inefficiency on local road networks continue.

How long can we continue with programmed maintenance works that are inefficient, outdated and not cost effective to maintain service levels required for road networks?  

How many strategic reports are required to determine that it is unsustainable to continue down the same path?

Each time we undertake a road conditions audit, we have the vain hope that something has changed and that what we have been doing is having a positive impact. 

The reality is that the only information we glean from these comprehensive analyses is that we are reconfirming what we already know.  

Our roads and budget allocations are simply unsustainable. 

Community expectations are increasing and performance is reducing. 

At what point do we radically change our methods and become innovative? 

Yes! Innovative! 

That word that carries bold risks and great reward and ultimately a change in direction, however, for many it  sends organisations in to a flat spin and  back to doing what they have always done – over and over again!

Many councils have shifted their thought process and jumped onto the innovation bandwagon. 

This has not been easy and presented many internal challenges. 

However they did it!  

The outcomes of the bold and innovative transformation means a new approach  to solve age old problems.

Are you ready to innovate? 

Do you dare to shift that paradigm and be a leader?

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*Copy supplied by Earthco