Forum on climate change

Article image - Forum on climate change More than 40 students from across the Central Coast attended the Mayorís Youth Forum at the Gosford Chambers.

Central Coast Council, New South Wales, has targeted the region’s youth for consultation on Climate Change Policy, at a forum hosted by Mayor Jane Smith.  

Council released a draft Climate Change Policy aiming for zero emissions by 2050 with a survey now open before formal consultation early next year.

Mayor Smith said it was important for the region’s youth to be part of the conversation about how Council can take a leadership role in addressing the consequences of climate change on
the community.

“The purpose of the forum is to gain an understanding of what our youth value about the Central Coast and what they think should be the priorities for action in addressing
climate change.

“We must empower youth as leaders of climate action today because by the time they become the leaders of tomorrow it may be too late for their generation to prevent the harmful effects of climate change.

“Through strong leadership, collaboration and action we can stand up for our way of life on the Coast and protect it for generations to come.”