Council adopts Aboriginal names

Article image - Council adopts Aboriginal names Using and teaching Aboriginal language is Councilís way of showing recognition and respect.

Inner West Council, New South Wales, has voted to rename all five wards within the Local Government Area to include Aboriginal names.

Welcoming the move, Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne said that it was time for the Inner West to do more to bring about reconciliation in their own back yard.

“We are determined to recognise and commemorate the Inner West’s unique Aboriginal history.

“Using Sydney Aboriginal language to help establish the names for our newly established five wards is an enduring and practical way to show recognition and respect.”

Mayor Byrne said Council had also recently supported a pilot program teaching children at Tillman Park Early Learning Centre Aboriginal language and culture through song, storytelling and the environment.

“We want Inner West kids to learn Indigenous languages as this will help them to understand their connection to the oldest continuous society on earth.

“Our aim is to make this pilot a success and then roll it out to preschools across the Inner West.”

The Aboriginal words were selected after researching the culture and history of the Inner West and following community consultation including with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Strategic Reference Group and further representatives from the local Aboriginal community.