Leading the sustainable way

City of Canning, Western Australia (WA), has announced the rebranding and reinvigorating of its Canning River Eco Education Centre (CREEC) program from January 2019.

Sustainability and environment-related professionals, educators, community groups, local businesses, and social enterprises will be part of the new Canning Community Sustainability Learning Program, designed to enhance regional community engagement, capacity building and lifelong learning.

Mayor, Paul Ng, said the City was looking forward to delivering an enhanced and diverse Canning Community Sustainability Learning Program at CREEC.

“We know that, within our community, and the wider WA sustainability community, there is a vibrant cohort of skilled and engaging sustainability practitioners and educators.

“As such, rather than delivering our Community Sustainability Learning Program ourselves, we commit to facilitating the delivery of a program that is designed by our community.”

The program will deliver widespread learning outcomes for the community, focusing on City-wide sustainability principles and targets.

Demonstrating its leadership and commitment to sustainability the City has launched a Staff Carbon Offset Program where staff are able to purchase a tax deductible carbon offset to their car or home energy use each fortnight through a payroll deduction. 

A staff competition will find the program a new name and drive engagement.