Gas extraction cleans tip site

Article image - Gas extraction cleans tip site Birkdale’s landfill extraction expansion.

Redlands City Council, Queensland, has announced Stage 2 of the Birkdale Landfill Gas extraction project which captures methane for electricity generation.

Redland City Mayor, Karen Williams, “This project is a great partnership between Redland City Council and energy providers LMS Energy that essentially uses our old waste as power.

“The commercial arrangement between Council and our landfill-gas-to-electricity partner brings financial benefits to Redlands Coast, but more importantly there are significant environmental benefits to this collaboration.

“We have been capturing gas at part of the Birkdale Transfer Station since 2004 and this latest project now extends the gas capture to the entire landfill site, providing enough methane to power around 1150 Redlands Coast households.  “The captured methane is equivalent to removing the greenhouse gas production of approximately 6000 cars operating on our roads each year.

“Methane caused by decomposing waste is ozone-damaging, very flammable and a toxic gas. 

“So this extraction project sees a potentially negative legacy of a landfill becoming a valuable resource.

“Projections show site methane extraction may be viable for about 20 years, so the infrastructure we are putting in place today has long-lasting, positive repercussions for all of Redlands Coast.”

Councillor Tracey Huges said successful commissioning of Stage 2 was the latest achievement in ongoing efforts to manage the closed landfill site.

“Since the landfill closed in 2011, Council’s focus has turned to planned remediation to ensure the best possible environmental outcomes for the site and surrounding areas.

“In 2015, Council began a multi-million dollar rehabilitation project, with works including capping and re-vegetating the landfill to better capture gases, reduce water ingress and improve storm water quality.

“Gas extraction is a win/win for the site and for Redlands Coast, giving us a productive way to manage the gases successfully being captured by the landfill cap.”