Disaster ready

Article image - Disaster ready A dry run tests Loganís disaster preparedness

Logan City Council, Queensland, has successfully staged a mock evacuation exercise to fine-tune its Disaster Management capability. 

An ‘evacuation centre’ was set up at Loganholme and Jimboomba to simulate the demands of a hastily convened evacuation centre. 

A steady stream of ‘evacuees’ with varying needs were processed and housed in the centre to simulate a real life disaster. 

The exercise even considered what to do with four-legged friends in need of a temporary home. 

Acting Mayor, Cherie Dalley, said Council’s Disaster Management Team had carefully planned the evacuation to be as realistic as possible. 

“No two disasters are the same so that’s why many variables were introduced to test the limits of our capability and get the participants to problem-solve on the go. 

“The team performed admirably and many valuable lessons were learned.

“Residents can be confident that in the event of a disaster, Council’s capacity to respond is better than ever.”