A breakthrough in eco-friendly weed control*

Contact Organics is pleased to announce that the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has approved LocalSafe™ Weed Terminator herbicide.

With current media attention and the health concerns about the use of non-sustainable chemical herbicides local government and the general public are looking for alternative weed control options.

Contact Organics Managing Director, Dr Frank Glat, said, “We are delighted to receive Australian regulatory approval for LocalSafe™ Weed Terminator. 

“This independently validates our product offering. 

“We are now in a position to market our high performance, environmentally preferred LocalSafe™

“We are looking forward to working together with our Australian Local Governments towards implementing effective non-toxic weed control in playgrounds, sporting fields, schools and other public amenity areas.”

Contact Organics Founding Director and Inventor, William Briggs, stated, “In today’s era of toxicity and with the liberal use of herbicides and pesticides, Contact Organics has now confirmed the value of being sustainable in all industries including farming.  

“With our background in human health the need to prevent contamination from chemical pesticides and herbicides became a priority over designing a cure for the many diseases it caused.  

“Our aim is to increase the benefits of our soil and produce grown here in Australia and to spread the benefits of our knowledge contained in our products world-wide.”

LocalSafe™ Weed Terminator is a non-selective contact herbicide. It is made from a proprietary mixture of acetic acid as active ingredient and synergistic natural adjuvants delivering the acetic acid into the plant. 

Weed Terminator works by dehydrating the weed that has been sprayed. 

It strips the waxy protective film of the weed leaf and seeds allowing plant moisture to escape. 

As Weed Terminator enters the plant, it quickly breaks down the weed cells creating total dehydration and thereby termination of the weed.

Already used by a number of councils nationally, some have trialled LocalSafe™ Weed Terminator against many of its competitors, both natural and chemical, to find that it kept up with the chemical herbicides and out performed the other natural herbicides. 

Tough on weeds yet safe for people and animals, it is used for all kinds of local and public parks weed control as well as main streets and other sensitive areas, this powerful alternative to glyphosate-based products doesn’t pass toxins into the food chain or human body.

You can get in contact with Contact Organics on 1300 856 540 or through their website contactorganics.com.au.

*Copy supplied by Contact Organics