Successful retail strategies for mainstreets*

Written by David West from 25 years of experience.

(Recent projects include: Federation Square Retail Plan, Victoria; Queanbeyan Retail Growth Strategy, New South Wales; and Jetty Road Glenelg Retail Strategy, Victoria)
Mainstreets and cities worldwide are facing competition from shopping centres and online.

Shopping centres offer thousands of free car parks, air conditioning and a clean customer environment.

Mainstreets and city centres are using effective strategies to strike back and deliver successful outcomes for their local communities.
There are many things that mainstreets can learn and adapt from shopping centres.

Professional management and funding are two critical areas.
In this book Mainstreet Management: Successful Retail Strategies I provide practical advice that can be applied to mainstreets and city centres in local and regional areas.

I have managed mainstreets and shopping centres for more than 25 years and I describe in detail some of the most successful strategies used.

Who should read this book? Mainstreet managers, district managers, economic development managers and government staff can adopt the best management practices available in the world today.

You will find examples from the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Australia and New Zealand operating successfully today.
In this book you will discover how to:

  • engage businesses
  • improve the business mix
  • promote your mainstreet
  • implement a responsible governance model.

Bringing key stakeholders together including retailers and property owners and utilising their collective strength will help to attract more customers and provide the best retail offer for the customers.

This book is suited for council staff, elected members and business groups looking to develop and grow their mainstreet or retail precinct.

Mainstreet Management: Successful Retail Strategies provides the tools and key strategies to ensure mainstreets are successful in a highly competitive retail market.

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*Copy supplied by Premier Retail Marketing