Major legacy project

Article image - Major legacy project Simon Prickett (Landscaping), Kim Saloyedoff (Design), Vince Morrice (Absent) (Site Preparation), Erinn Weekers (Admin. Support), Andrew Collins (Manager Project Delivery), Neil Fitzgerald (Senior Project Manager).

Rockhampton Regional Council completed several key projects this year but one that generated significant ‘buzz’ throughout the community, was the Kershaw Gardens redevelopment project.

Kershaw Gardens, along with the Botanic Gardens and many parklands in the region, was severely damaged by tropical cyclone Marcia in 2014.

Post cyclone recovery involved a large scale response, to repair infrastructure and clean up debris, with Kershaw Gardens presenting additional challenges, being a closed landfill site.

Lead designer for the project, Rockhampton Regional Waste and Recycling Engineer, Kim Saloyedoff, said, “This project involved Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic, and Civil Design all rolled into one.

“Most likely the biggest challenge was the design inclusion of the Wyatts Wonder Web.”

The building of such a large structure on ground with unknown strength, was an international first.

The German designed equipment required extensive external reviews to ensure it met Australian building standards, and in particular, Rockhampton’s cyclone ratings and playground safety requirements as well.

Manager of Project Delivery, Andrew Collins, said the project was an extension to the revitalisation of the region and a major legacy project.

“It has been the hard work and commitment of the core project team and the cooperation from all departments involved, that was fundamental to the success of the project.”