Mayors blaze the Sale Trail

Article image - Mayors blaze the  Sale Trail Mayors Carol Adams and Barry Samuels model repurposed clothes saved from landfill.

Mayor Carol Adams from the City of Kwinana and Mayor Barry Sammels from the City of Rockingham are updating their attire all in the name of a good cause.

This October the Western Australian cities of Kwinana and Rockingham, along with 140 other councils, will participate in the nation’s biggest garage sale.

The colourful creations Mayor Adams and Mayor Sammels are wearing have been made from re-purposed clothing and fabric from designer Julie Paterson of ScrapClothFabric.

Clothing is the most popular item sold during the Garage Sale Trail.
Fast fashion is driving the purchase of clothing that is often discarded after two or three wears causing considerable problems in landfills.
Two-thirds of the items sent to landfill are manmade synthetic fibres that won’t break down.

Australians buy 27kg of new textiles per capita each year and discard 23kg to landfill.

Mayor Adams said, “We are wearing these fantastic blazers today to encourage everyone in Kwinana and Rockingham to become a reuse Trail Blazer with us when the Garage Sale Trail comes to town on October 20 and 21.”  

“This is a great event that not only encourages reuse but creates a positive social and environmental change in communities across Australia. It’s an idea that’s good for the planet and good for the community too!”

City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels said, “The Garage Sale Trail is a terrific way of giving second-hand goods a
new home.”

Both the Cities of Rockingham and Kwinana are committed to promoting the reuse message and encouraging residents to get involved in the Garage Sale Trail.