Heart Safe City

Article image - Heart Safe City Mayor Shields aims to further increase AED machines in council facilities.

Dubbo, New South Wales, is leading the way in being a Red Cross Heart Safe City with almost 100 Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) across the community according to Mayor of Dubbo Regional Council, Ben Shields.

Council has purchased more than 30 AEDs to place at council facilities including sporting fields, pools and tourist attractions while the Red Cross, community organisations and businesses have worked to get them into other facilities around the region.

“There is no doubt AEDs save lives and now there is a much greater chance that people will be able to get quicker assistance in Dubbo because of the number of machines that have been made available.

“The great thing about these machines is they are designed to be easily used by anyone and will only activate where needed. They are safe and effective.”

The campaign has been driven by Red Cross first aid trainer George Chapman, who estimates there are more than 50 AEDs funded by community and businesses, as well as those purchased by Council across Dubbo and Wellington.

The Red Cross campaign prompted the Mayor to recommend that both the community organisation and Mr Chapman be formally thanked by Council for their effort to make Dubbo safer.

“I would particularly like to pay credit to George Chapman, who has been a tireless campaigner for getting the AEDs installed throughout the city,” Councillor Shields said.

“George set the ambitious task of getting a defibrillator every two minutes in the central business district, as well as having units installed in all high-traffic shopping areas, public places and sporting fields across the Dubbo region.

“His hard work, the support of the community and businesses, and the involvement of Council is making that a reality.”

Council will look at a further rollout of AED machines at other Council-owned facilities where appropriate.