The coconut action plan

Article image - The coconut action plan Coconuts could give golden returns

Douglas Shire, Queensland, is investigating the viability of a commercial coconut harvesting trial on Council land.

Mayor, Julia Leu, said Council had an opportunity to crack a lucrative global market.

“Coconut products are a fast-growing industry.

“This could be a fantastic economic development opportunity and a reliable revenue stream for Douglas Shire ratepayers.

“Council wants to find out if this is a real option, which would be a proactive and beneficial way to improve safety and reduce the impact of coconut debris.”

According to Council demand for coconut products has increased by more than 500 percent in the past decade and coconut water is now a $300 million-plus global industry with world prices more than doubling in the past three years.

There are more than 11,000 coconut palms in Douglas Shire, including about 8,500 palms on council-controlled land.

Mayor Leu said Council needed to make sure it was a viable option.
“Council needs to make sure we find a suitable site that will not interfere with residents and visitors.”

This exercise would include locating a suitable site, best practice extraction methods, occupational health and safety requirements, public liability requirements and inspection and verification methods.

Council will also be de-nutting, removing high-risk coconut palms for public safety and start the Oak Beach Foreshore Restoration Project under the new action plan.