Scrap metal delivers return

Thanks to a new coordinated approach to metal recovery, Central Coast Council, New South Wales, collected a record amount of scrap metal from across its operations last financial year.

Council Acting Senior Manager Business and Economic Development, Andrew Pearce, said around 6,000 tonnes of scrap metal had been recovered for recycling.

“We achieved this milestone as a result of staff coordinating new initiatives, improved practices across our operations and the implementation of new contract arrangements.

“The majority of the metal has come from our waste management facilities where there has been a concerted effort to sort through and recover scrap metal.

“This has included encouraging customers to sort metal at the facility, using specialist equipment to recover metals at the tipping face, and shredding items to recover metals where feasible.

“Last financial year we shredded an estimated 12,000 mattresses at our waste management facilities and recovered the metal springs for recycling.

“We are also recovering the lead from lead acid car batteries and brass from water meters.”

Council’s focus on resource recovery has helped reduce the amount of waste diverted to landfill and also provided an additional $1 million in revenue to help deliver community assets and services.

Mayor, Jane Smith, said this was positive outcome for Council and an excellent example of improved efficiencies.

“I would like to congratulate staff for their innovative thinking to create income to help provide essential services to our community.

“This is an excellent initiative we can all get behind to reduce our environmental footprint by ensuring scrap metal is recycled.

“Residents can also play their part by dropping off scrap metal free of charge at any one of our waste management facilities.”