More South Australians are standing for council

Nominations for the 2018 South Australian (SA) council elections have reached a twenty year high.

A total of 1375 nominations were received by the Electoral Commission of SA (ECSA) – 41 more than in 2014.

This is the highest number of nominations received since 1995, when SA had 115 councils compared to 68 today.

Local Government Association (LGA) President, Councillor Sue Clearihan, “All candidates are to be applauded for putting their hand up to serve their community.”

The council election is a chance for residents to help shape their local area, she said, by deciding who would represent them in local decision making.

Voting in council elections is voluntary in SA, unlike state and federal elections.

Nearly 32 percent of eligible voters participated in the 2014 council elections, with participation rates higher in rural communities than in metropolitan areas.

“With around 700 positions open across metropolitan and regional councils, council elections are an incredible undertaking.

“We have a near record number of candidates, and we’re hoping to see this matched with an increase in voter participation this year, with more people engaging in this important democratic process.”