Digital customer service for all councils*

Good service delivery in local government is an area that many councils struggle with, especially in the digital space.

We believe that all councils should be able to provide their customers with top notch digital service without having to spend large amounts of money on systems that don’t fully cater to their needs.

This is why we have built Wattle, a purpose built cloud platform for local government.

Focused on digitising customer facing activities, it provides a modern user experience for customers to request services over the Web including payments and digital delivery of documents.

Built in collaboration with industry partners, Wattle takes a fresh look at each service and transforms them into a streamlined workflow.

Integrated property data, mapping and payments allows us to bring almost any customer facing service online.

Wattle is all inclusive, from infrastructure to payment. Councils do not need any additional resources to get online.

When you sign up, we provision payment gateways on your behalf and our infrastructure simply scales with your demand.

A flat annual cost covers all features, unlimited members and transactions.

All new modules developed are added onto your subscription as they become available.

Each council can choose to enable any modules as they see fit.
Proud to be a valued sponsor at the 2018 LG NSW annual conference, we invite all council delegates to come visit us at our booth to discuss how Wattle can transform your customer services.

*Copy supplied by Anomaly