Sweet Days, Hot Nights

Article image - Sweet Days, Hot Nights Chris, Karl and Mark Vass at the Australian Hand Cane Cutting Championships

Burdekin Shire Council, Queensland, has launched a new-look festival designed to drive destination awareness and tourism.

Announcing the Burdekin Sweet Days, Hot Nights Festival, Mayor Lyn McLaughlin said the event combined several pre-existing events and showcased the very best of the Burdekin.

The Sweet Days, Hot Nights Festival concept and branding was developed with a youthful market in mind and is well aligned to the region’s hero experiences – warm winter nights, strong horticulture assets and rich agricultural offerings.

The Mayor said the festival was launched in partnership with Queensland Government Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors and kick-started a three-year campaign aiming to drive visitation to the region.

The First Fire and the Australian Hand Cane Cutting Championships were incorporated and packaged with a range of family-friendly, festival-styled events including food, music and entertainment over a week-long period.

“There is so much that is unique to the Burdekin and so many visitor experiences on offer.

“This festival is all about showcasing and celebrating what is great about our region, from fresh produce and culinary delights through to adventure and sports tourism experiences, country hospitality, great music and family-friendly entertainment.

“We want our visitors to experience our stunning winter weather, our laid-back lifestyle and the range of experiences at our doorstep.

“This the beginning of our strategy to promote the Burdekin and to drive visitation as an economic stimulus for the community. We are very excited and look forward to the event growing over the years and becoming a feature festival in Queensland.”