Pole walking a fun way to better health

Article image - Pole walking a fun way to better health The group heads off at a leisurely pace around the picturesque parklands along the river. Photo courtesy of Matt Devlin.

As part of the City of Armadale, Western Australia’s positive ageing program a new pole walking group will be introduced in Kelmscott, for senior residents keen to increase their fitness levels.

Pole walking is a fun and convenient walking activity, renowned as an exercise that engages the whole body and suits everyone regardless of age or level of fitness.

City of Armadale Mayor, Henry Zelones OAM, JP, said two groups already exist in Armadale and Roleystone and participants are discovering the many health benefits attributed to walking with poles.

“Pole walking originated in the 1930s when the cross country ski coaches of Finland used it to keep their athletes in peak performance during the off season.

“It naturally aligns your spine and strengthens your core, and uses over 50 percent more muscles than if you were walking
without poles.

“This is a great chance to learn a new physical activity and keep fit, while meeting like-minded people from within your local community,”
 said Mayor Zelones.