Keeping it simple*

TeleChoice wants to give its customers the best possible service.

That’s why we use the Telstra wholesale Network and offer cost effective mobile plans on Australia’s leading 4G Network.

Our customers enjoy a mobile network that covers 1.6 million square km and 98.8 percent of the population.

We work with large organisations throughout Australia.

The three main reasons why corporate fleets select TeleChoice are:
1. To access Australia’s largest and most reliable network,
2. Our demonstrated ability to deliver significant cost savings, and
3. he personalised service you get when you are not just a number.
Our proposition is simple, our style is natural and we look forward to being of service to you.
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For more information or to chat about what your Council needs contact Violette Davis, General Manager on 0490 38 48 58
*Copy supplied by TeleChoice