Keeping fit

Article image - Keeping fit YVC Customer Services Team celebrates a successful review

Yass Valley Council, New South Wales, has completed the first of a planned 38 service reviews as part of its commitment to be ‘Fit for the Future’.

To ensure efficiencies are maximised for long term financial sustainability.

Council prepared a Fit for the Future Improvement Proposal in June 2015, including a Special Rate Variation of 8.5 percent, which was granted to take effect in 2016/17 for a period of four years.

In order to continue to meet the needs of current and future residents of Yass Valley, Council has made a guarantee to address financial sustainability.

Part of this was Council’s resolution to commence 38 service reviews to ensure services and infrastructure meet community needs and are affordable.

Director Finance & Corporate, Sharon Hutch, said, “Council is continually striving to improve what we do and how we do it, in an effort to provide cost effective and efficient services to the community.

“Yass Valley Council made a commitment to the community during our ‘Fit for the Future’ process to make efficiency gains of $600,000 over three years and we are committed to making these savings.”

The Customer Services Service Review was the first of the 38 reviews to be conducted.

A review of the Customer Services team was underway prior to the formal service review with a number of changes already implemented.

The most significant improvement from this review has come from the introduction of an online system for booking facilities. Customers can now check the availability of Council facilities, book and pay online and manage bookings 24 hours a day, 365
days of the year.

With customer service previously handling over 2,000 bookings per year, this review has reduced administration costs and improved services to our community.

The next two service reviews on Corporate Administration Services and Public Amenities are due to go to a Service Review Steering Committee, with further efficiency gains to be reported back to the community.