Foreshore amenities upgrade*

Article image - Foreshore amenities upgrade* Outdoor shower units stand up to the hot, salty conditions

With the support of State funding, Council has undertaken a major redevelopment to its iconic waterfront precinct.

The esplanade now includes a dedicated sporting and youth zone, skate park facilities, playgrounds, picnic areas, and a restaurant boardwalk.

Council wanted to create a central community hub complete with outdoor activities and resources suitable for all age groups, delivering a world-class beach experience for locals and visitors.

As part of the development, Council staff partnered with CIVIQ to install a suite of multi-purpose outdoor shower units designed with heavy-duty stainless steel to endure the salty conditions and warm climate of the coastal town.

The 2100mm-high FlexiShower, CIVIQs signature outdoor shower station, was a suitable addition to the precinct because of its hybrid functionality, incorporating both shower and bottle refill dispensers.

CIVIQ Specifications Manager, Danny Brookes, explained, “We developed a unique outdoor solution for Busselton that integrates shower, timer-tap and hand wash functionalities – as well as inbuilt signage panels.

“The product is manufactured using marine-grade electro-polished stainless steel, which helps prevent ‘tea-stain’ blemishes, a form of corrosion which is common in coastal regions.”

A number of hygienic design features have been incorporated, including a range of drainage options, anti-microbial water dispensers, and separation of shower and drinking fountain basin.

In addition, a number of stand-alone 1500mm Drinking Fountain and Bottle Refill Stations have been introduced to ensure that park-goers are kept hydrated when outdoors.

Sharing a similar design to the FlexiShower, the FlexiFountains feature a wheelchair-accessible drinking fountain basin, two anti-bacterial bottle refill nozzles and integrated signage – making it excellent for busy public spaces.

Busselton Council also created customized artwork graphics for the units which are used to communicate instructions to first-time users, whilst promoting sustainability in the community.

Much of the redevelopment has now been completed. The precinct has since received a surge in foot traffic with a record number of visitors last summer.

With a number of sports and aquatic activities for locals and visitors to enjoy, the showers and drinking water stations are a useful addition to the precincts growing list of amenities.

The drinking water stations not only provide public with a dedicated area to boost their water intake, but are also a step forward in reducing waste from single-use plastic bottles in the community.

City of Busselton Mayor, Grant Henley, said, “Feedback from residents, visitors and tourism providers has been overwhelmingly positive.”

*Copy supplied by CIVIQ