An ear for busking

Article image - An ear for busking

City of Darwin is considering new ideas to improve busking in the city.

Council’s Arts and Cultural Development Advisory Committee identified a gap in current City of Darwin regulation of street performers and are keen to work with Council to expand the opportunity for musicians and other street performers to liven up the city.

Lord Mayor, Kon Vatskalis, said that a working group was established in November last year to make recommendations to improve busking practices in Darwin and align any changes to reflect Council’s commitment to ensuring Darwin is a vibrant active city.

“The recommendations include issuing busking permits on a weekly, seasonal and yearly basis, permitting busking in all Council-owned public spaces and commercial areas, extending the hours people are allowed to busk, produce busking guidelines that support a collaborative community-minded approach and a commitment to undertaking annual reviews.

“Busking contributes to a vibrant arts culture in many cities around the world and in Darwin. Live street performance contributes to the visitor experience and can bring about a ‘feel good’ factor to members of the public.”